Thursday, November 12, 2009

We R Now Ready to ROCKS!!

Finally, renovation is near to the end and we are ready to ROCKS!!

Our main lobby.....without our big name =.=

Our largest guys can spin, flip, roll in this room... XD
Looks even nicer during night time.

Our 2nd room for dancing....its air conditioned.

Small room with HOT RED couch for Singing class, Keyboard and Guitar teaching class.

Classes are STARTing to run on this weekend(14/11/09). Join US!! for those who are interested.

The following are schedule for classes.


WuShu - 7-830 pm


Guitar - 6-7 pm
- Keyboard - 730-830 pm


Break Dance - 430-530 pm
- Junior Jamz - 6-7 pm


Belly Dance - 10-11 am
- Line Dance - 7- 830 pm
- Pop Song Singing - 12- 1pm

Kindly call for further information,
Maxx 012-2855189
Haha 016-4353532

Friday, October 23, 2009

WE R BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there~~WE R BACK!! this time with a brand new outlook and yet with your most familiar MAXX--->the renowned dance instructor in penang....u guys are most WELCOMED to join our classes which ll START on this NOVEMBER......other than dance class we are ALSO providing MARTIAL ARTS n MUSIC classes......
REGISTER NOW and get FREE registration feesssssss...(*for 1st 50 students ONLY*) ....So, what r u guys waiting for??!!...BE QUICK & ACT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MORE n MORE classes are coming sure to drop by ULTIMAXX CAFE @ call us to GET YOURSELF REGISTERED!!...............

our studio is located at shop lots next to QUEENSBAY mall....UPSTAIRS ULTIMAXX CAFE!.......SEE YOU THERE!!